By Britt Hoffmann, CBS Houston

Tap Houston is CBS Houston’s newest blog for the latest on two very fast growing movements in Houston. The Houston MMA and Craft Beer scenes are spreading like wildfire! Locally, there are 3 MMA organizations and a baker’s dozen of breweries in Houston and surrounding areas. With that, you can find dozens of MMA/BJJ academies and hundreds of great places to find a quality, craft beer supporting the “little guys”.

Legacy is an organization, promoting both professional and amateur fighters, quickly becoming a major segue for those dreaming of making it to the UFC. IXFA and Garcia Promotions are smaller outfits where amateurs hone their novice skills in hopes of graduating to larger promotions. In fact, Legacy 18, featuring 2 championship bouts between Lightweights Jorge Patino vs. Derrick Krantz and Heavyweights Derrick Lewis vs. Ricky Shivers will be going down at Houston Arena Theatre tonight (you can find me 4 rows back from the cage in section F rooting for my boy Larry “Tae Kwon” Crowe as he makes his long-awaited return to the cage). The show is sold out, but you can catch it on AXS TV AT 9PM CST.

Houston is also sprouting craft beer centric pubs (with some phenomenal food to boot) and breweries all over town! Saint Arnold has been the trailblazer in the Houston craft beer craze since 1995 spawning inspiration for newer breweries like Karbach and Buffalo Bayou in Houston and spreading to the outskirts with Southern Star (Conroe), No Label (Katy), Fort Bend (Missouri City), and Texian (coming soon to Richmond). Also on the horizon is Houston’s first true brew pub, City Acre set for opening in 2013. The places to find their brews are too many to list but you can always take a Saturday tour and sample their craft.

You may be able to tell, Tap Houston blogs about the latest, greatest, and unique stories in both local arenas. You can find a million other blogs about the national MMA scene and craft beer pages a dime-a-dozen. What’s that? Oh, you like reading those blogs. To be fair, so do I, but here’s what you won’t find elsewhere though: a blog that puts the two together in a way you’ll get a unique story outside the status quo, but you’ll also learn a little about both.

That’s what Tap Houston is. A place online where a local guy talks to and writes about local fighters, promoters, and gym owners, as well as, local brewers and pub owners to bring you cool, out-of-the-way stories about two of Houston’s favorite things: fighting and drinking beer!

Britt Hoffmann, Tap Houston

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