We use them to pucker, pout, kiss and smile. Our lips are one of the most important assets we have and should always be in optimal health.

Take a look at several ways to keep your lips in tip top shape!

1. Exfoliation-You need to exfoliate your lips from time to time to remove dead skin and allow fresh new skin to emerge. You can mix a bit of olive oil with some sugar for a great scrub or you can even use an old toothbrush and put some Vaseline or petroleum jelly on it. When taking your finger or your toothbrush, use very gentle and circular motions to exfoliate your lips. Please do not be harsh with the scrubbing. Your lips are not tough. The skin on them is gentle and requires gentle and circular motions to get them fresh and free of dead skin. Try doing so for a few minutes.

2. Stop the Biting! I don’t know about you but I have a horrible habit of biting my lips! I will find this good piece of skin to peel off with my teeth and then, I have this nice bloody lip. Biting your lips or even licking your lips is a huge NO! Please do not start the habit I have a hard time breaking! Keep lip balm near you at all times and keep your lips moisturized as much as you can. Biting and licking dries your lips out!

3. Lip Balm Speaking of lip balms, make sure that you are using one that provides moisture to your lips and can be hydrating for hours to come. Beeswax, phenol and petroleum jelly are usually good ingredients to have in a lip balm. If you are exposed to the sun lots of the time during your day, you may also opt for a lip balm that has an SPF in it. Your lips are skin, just as your face is, so protect them. Lots of times, you will find that the packaging on lip balms indicate SPF amounts.

4. Overnight Care I have begun this ritual in which I sleep with Neosporin on my lips. One day I made the mistake of tasting it… I do not recommend that… it is not delicious by any means. When I choose not to eat my Neosporin, I sleep with it on and wake up to wonderfully soft lips. So choose to take care of your lips during your sleep and wake up to wonderful lips.

(Photo: Theresa Pewal/Getty Images)

(Photo: Theresa Pewal/Getty Images)

5. Diet It’s really true; diet can affect much when it comes to our bodies and it really has an effect on our lip health. Make sure you include foods that have the right balance of healthy fats and oils in them. Salmon is a great food for this as well as olive oil. Not only will your lips thank you, but your skin, hair and nails will stay moisturized and healthy.

Do you have additional ways you keep your lips in tip, top shape? Share your tips and watch related video by clicking here!


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