600- What the heck is being announced at Reliant today at 2pm? And no, Lopez, they’re not blowing up the Astrodome…

PLUS… Who spent at least 5 hours watching the combine? I did! Let’s get ready to overvalue almost everyone!

615- HEADLINES… So what happened at the Daytona 500? And Lopez is a NASCAR fan?!!?!?… Also, NASCAR car’s in the stands?!?

630- TOP 3… We’ve gotta be able to flip something good out of this gold right here http://deadspin.com/5986533/50-cents-attempt-to-kiss-erin-andrews-was-one-for-the-ages

645- Really a blown opportunity by the Rockets Saturday night… And Royce White is doing Dr. Phil? Gimme a break, man… I mean, I get what he’s doing, really I do, and part of me wants to respect it, but the kid’s gotta learn timing a little bit better…


1- Legit #2 WR

2- Bring back Glover Quin

3- Fire Joe Marciano (won’t happen)

4- Upgrade ILB

5- Some “competition” for Schaub

6- Keep McCain OR draft a CB in Rds 1-3

7- Keep Barwin OR draft/sign an OLB

8- Add depth at RT

9- Add depth at NT

10- Add a real return man?

715- Everyone is going to be wetting their pants about the combine, and guess what, me too! But I’m focused on this guy http://insider.espn.go.com/nfl/draft/player/_/id/29971 (Knile Davis) and not Tavon Austin, no matter how fast he was…

730- OK… So are the Lakers going to catch the Rockets? I mean, they might…

PLUS… How about the Kobester? I know everyone is going to slobbing on him today, but how about the fact that he was able to go 2-37 on 3s over past month of games… And that Kobe/Cuban tweet sequence was great.

745- HornSolutions.net NO HUDDLE… If I were a female athlete, I would HATE Danica Patrick… Of course, of course, KC is going to go with the tackle and the retread QB. Awesome… Is this the most irrelevant college hoops season in recent memory?…

800- Texans offseason checklist revisited… Which is the most likely TO happen? Which is the least likely to happen?…

PLUS, what the heck is going on at Reliant this afternoon? Does anyone know?

815- Let’s talk about the CBAs… I mean this is what got Mark Cuban in trouble this weekend, but the truth is, both leagues, the NBA and NFL, are seeing major changes already here or major changes in the works, because the players just got ROASTED in these CBAs, and it’s already affecting YOUR teams…


Did you see 50 cent just get destroyed by Erin Andrews?


845- Uh oh… Who is scared about the Lakers? Well, not John Hollinger, that’s who… Hollinger is the Nate Silver of this stuff, and he says the Rockets are a lock…

Plus… Royce White, just stop bro, please… Just stop.

900- Texans offseason checklist… Over the course of the show, what have the texters/tweets communicated that we are leaving off? Any adjustments we feel we should make before we tack this up on the wall?

915- HEADLINES… With a focus on the Daytona 500 and Rockets from the weekend…

930- Combine everybody! I like Knile Davis late in the draft… And How about Ryan Swope trying to break boundries! And yes, of course, we’ll talk about the WRs and the guy everybody likes except me, Tavon Austin…

945- South Africa, man… Just be glad you live in the states, I guess… 50 cent, Erin Andrews…


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