HOUSTON (CBS Houston) There’s more reason to love living in the Lone Star State. According to a report, several Texas cities are great places not only to live but to land and keep a great job.

Texas topped the rest of the country in the latest survey of the “Best Cities for Good Jobs” from Forbes Magazine.

Officials who compiled the list gathered information from Moody’s Analytics on the 100 largest U.S. metropolitan areas. The list then ranked the cities according to recent as well as expected job growth, current unemployment rate, and current and expected per-capita income.

Cities with high unemployment rates or that are clearly rebounding from severe economic distress, such as Stockton, California which came in first on 2012 job growth at 3.7% but still sports a 14% unemployment rate, were not included.

According to officials with Forbes, Moody’s data revealed that Texans did not succumb to financial crisis as other areas in the country did. Forbes indicated that the Texas unemployment rate rose from below 5% in 2007 all the way to a little above 8% in 2010.

The first city on the list and ranked as number one was Dallas, a city that remained strong, despite bankruptcy of American Airlines; the airlines is headquartered in Dallas.  “The Big D” added thousands of jobs last year and is expected to keep a steady pace of job growth in such sectors of finance, energy and healthcare.

Houston, which is the nation’s energy capital, is a city that is booming and came in at number two on the list. As the demand for drilling contractors and financial services increases, Houston is expected to continue to grow as a city that will have tremendous employment opportunities for decades to come.

Other Texas towns on the list include: Austin, Fort Worth and San Antonio. Cities located outside of Texas on the list included Seattle and Oklahoma City.


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