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Tebow’s appearance a retirement speech? Draft Daddy on Texans likely picks. And Keenan McCardell in-studio In The Loop

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600- Maybe I’m still on the All Star high… but I’m excited about tonight’s game. Yes, I’m worried about James Harden still having an All Star hangover, but this game excites me… KD and Westbrook coming here, after the break… THEY might have a bit of a hangover as well, come to think of it…

615- HEADLINES… NFL Salary cap, Cushing Injury update, latest in NBA (trade deadline news or scores)

630- TOP 3

645- NBA Trade deadline… Yeah, I’d probably stand pat. Here’s the latest on Josh Smith

700- TEEEBOOOW!… With Doyel audio and Jeffress audio from afternoon show.

715-PFF fixes the Texans … PLUS, the Astros need a new PR guy, or at least a VP of Common Sense… This was embarrassing

730- Matt Bitonti from… Is Mathieu really not a top 100 pick?

745- NO HUDDLE…. I don’t care about what the tattoo is, I just care WHERE the tattoo was administered jones_gets_ravens_super_bowl_tattoo_pictures/12941623 …. Kill me, just kill me … And Steve Breaston will be a Pittsburgh Steeler, I 100% guarantee it.

800-900- Keenan McCardell

-Let’s talk Honey Badger for a moment with Keenan… What % of league, in his experience, smokes weed occasionally, and what % has a problem? What type of draft pick is he worth?

-Cushing is still a week away from jogging Man! How frustrating that must be for a pro athlete. I mean, his injury happened what feels like ages ago (Oct 8, Over 125 days ago…) and he’s just now jogging!

-Cushing’s injury could actually screw the Texans twice… Realistically, how much of this can the league change…

-You know who is going to pay for the Texans cap troubles? JJ Watt, believe it or not, and we could be headed for a sticky situation, to be honest… And that could be sooner than later. Allow me to explain, because it’s complicated…

-No, I don’t want any of the Jets recently cut players, thank you very much…

-PFF Fixes the Texans

– Texans priorities per Tania Ganguli

-Tony Gonzalez, NOT retiring… This guy is unreal..

900- Rockets v Thunder… And let’s reflect for a moment for how freaking great Kevin Durant has been playing… This is a historic level, to be honest, and no one is paying attention because LeBron is playing so great… but only one person—ever—has done what KD is doing this year (50-40-90 & >29 ppg)


930- Matt Bitonti best bytes plus the silly, silly Astros…

945- C’mon, man Now we gotta worry about spontaneously combusting in this piece?… And this might be my favorite news story of the year

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