Happy Valentine’s Day to you! I am certain that you are inundated with seas of red today, but perhaps you are willing to “go green”?

Valentine’s Day is a special day, regardless of your marital or dating status. Here are some ways you can “go green” today (and every day) by not only showing love to someone else but to our lovely earth!

1. Visit a nursing home and spend time with a loved on in a garden or outdoor setting. Check and see if that special someone can be wheeled out or walked out and just have a great time outdoors with someone who would love the company! Chances are they cannot eat chocolates (I would check first… perhaps they can!) so just you and the great outdoors would be wonderful! If they can help you plant some vegetable seeds in a garden, then go for it!

2. Purchase your cards on recycled paper. Saying “I love you” with a recyclable card shows love to our planet!

3. Donate to an-earth friendly cause can really be special. If your sweetie is really into helping the environment, then donate money and time to that cause in your sweetie’s name.

4. Valentine’s Day dinner with organic foods is a great way to bring the love to your boo and the planet! Organic salad with some fish sounds like a great meal, right? ( I think that is what I am having for dinner.)

Do you have an additional tip you can share to “go green” while showing love? Share it and watch related video below!


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