Check out Producer Job’s pre-show prep to see what the show will be about and the things that don’t make it on air.

mad radio podcasts Behind The Scenes
Paul Allen at 12:15
Totally useless for the show but awesome none the less
Awesome, love this.

“I want to pitch against Boston.” – Dice-K on why he signed with an AL club

Leslie Frazier gets multiyear extension… bye bye Percy?

 A question of which quarterbacks are on the elite bubble along with odds… where do you think Schaub fell?


Kesha drank her own pee? We need to get the intern on this


I’m not giving up shit for Lent. If anything, I’m going to pick up a few bad habits.

Maybe we should all pick up bad habits for lent… I’m thinking I’ll eat a bag of chips every day.  I was going to start smoking but I’ve heard that’s expensive and I’m broke.

Washington Redskins use Lamar Redskins as rational for keeping the name…. Why? Just say we like it and we don’t think it is offensive and leave it at that.


Let’s do a give away where the caller has to guess if Mike is giving advice on dating/valentines day or if a child is… I talked to Aidan and got 5 tips from him, Seth if you can get some from your daughter we can use the best of from the kids and mix it in with Mike’s.

 Also, I don’t know exactly what I would want to do with it but it seems like there should be some sort of comedy in the craigs list type of hook ups for valentines day.  I don’t know how to get it on air yet or if there are any moral/ ethical/ FCC things that we need to worry about but I think it could be funny… I’ll keep thinking on that but if you have an idea let me know.

 I haven’t been able to stop listening to Third Eye Blind’s “Slow Motion” for three days now… It’s just so dark and so pretty I love that shit

 Wow so many things about this story 1) A man killed another man because he laughed when PART of his pastrami sandwhich fell on the floor- dude you still have the rest of it, it’s not a total loss yet. 2) Who the hell eats a pastrami sandwich in a donut shop? 3) Most importantly: Voluntary Manslaughter???? WTF how is that not murder one? Maybe I don’t understand manslaughter as well as I thought I did based off of watching Law and Order but that doesn’t seem to be manslaughter to me.

 Chiefs fan gets crazy tat…. A) the back of his head… wow B) Is that really a chiefs tattoo or a crazy as tat that has the chiefs logo? Last time I checked the Chiefs didn’t have anything to do with some crazy Mayan skull

 Wow just some terrible basketball from Royce White…. He didn’t make it onto the screen in three consecutive possesions on offense then on defense he gave up a rebound because he didnt get into position and dude dunks over his back and then when he finally makes it onto the screen on offense (after the other four have already been there and taken a shot) the long rebound comes to him beyond the three point line, he tries to drive and dunk and he is stuffed…. that is litterally all that I have watched so I’m not trying to make a sweeping judgement but a terrible start


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