Numbers say Texans salary space CAN be found. Chris Myers in-studio. Plus a LeBron traveling circus?

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600- Let’s give the 6am sharp listeners some real nerdy, meaty sports talk… I finally signed up for Spotrac, and I can tell you almost exactly the maximum the Texans will have to spend…

PS-Believe it or not, McClain And Florio are right…

615- HEADLINES… Mike Vick keeps his job…

630- TOP 3

645- MORE LIKELY TO HAPPEN… Can one of these be about this absurd idea that Flacco could leave the Ravens?


730- Bucher steals my LBJ idea… Jay Williams says players were high during games… And the Warriors go to the worst jerseys ever

745- NO HUDDLE… We stayed away from this yesterday, but screw that… This is the greatest Rickey Henderson story ever … Zombies!

800- This Esquire piece in the guy who killed Bin Laden and the fact that he’s essentially on the verge of becoming the working poor… This is tragic.

815- Flacco leaving theRavens? Florio and Peter King are acting like this is a possibility, and that is patently absurd…

830- Nerdy Texans salary cap talk? you bet! Here’s the nut graph, the only Texans of note that could be cut to Add ANY cap relief are… Antonio Smith – 6M relief ( highly unlikely) Kevin Walter- 2.5M (likely) Wade Smith- 3M (highly likely)

845- this. Is. Great. The sheik vs Arian on Twitter!

900- Vick back with the Eagles! I’m a whore for Vick, so I’m very excited to see him in Chip Kelly’s offense…

915- HEADLINES… Maybe include this Miami SB note if he haven’t gotten to it already–nfl.html

930- Ric Bucher’s a thief and what are you most looking forward to seeing at the All Star game…

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