Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you are looking for a great way to show the sweetie in your life lots of love and devotion with a delicious dinner. You don’t have to break the bank to do so. Here are some great ways to have a wonderful Valentine’s dinner that stay well within your financial means.

1. Wonderful Appetizers You don’t have to spend an “arm and a leg” to show your heart when it comes to making hearty appetizers. Cheese and crackers are great options and you can even spice things up with a wonderful pepper jack cheese. Check with the deli of your favorite grocer and see what cheeses are on sale. I was in the grocery store yesterday and saw a sale on pizza rolls…36 count. There were ones with meat as well as just cheese… Stock up for Thursday!

2. Meats For The Main Course If you and your sweetie are into a great dinner with meat, consider such suitable meats as chicken, pork chops or even low cost steaks. Check and see what specials are at the store and take advantage of a great selection of meats. Even if you do not see your favorite meat out, see if the butcher will have a sale on them later. Also, I purchased a great fish that was rolled in pecans and it was delicious! So even prepared meats and fishes may prove to be an option! For something of that nature, all you would have to go is get some rolls, a great salad and enjoy.

3. Vegetables Are Great Too! If your honey-bun is not a meat eater, consider making a wonderful vegetable plate of asparagus, leafy greens and squash for dinner. All are inexpensive and are sold fresh or even canned. Spice things up with fresh garlic, butter and spices and then serve on a red plate for decoration.

4. Desserts Sometimes a whole pie or cake is not an option. Check with local bakeries and see if they offer “two for” specials on desserts. For example, if you and your boo love red velvet cake, see if you can purchase two slices. Also, another option is to call a restaurant and order single servings of goodies. Who cares if you didn’t make it? It’s the thought that counts!

Do you have additional ideas for cutting costs on that Valentine’s Day meal? Click here to watch related video!


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