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Percy Harvin in play … Texans interested? Rockets’ spin cycle. And which Houston team frustrates the most?

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(Photo Credit: Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

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136535896 Percy Harvin in play ... Texans interested? Rockets spin cycle. And which Houston team frustrates the most?WATCH: Texans Cheerleaders Take Ice Bucket Challenge

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600- Could Harden recruit another star? http://www.houstonchronicle.com/sports/rockets/article/Rockets-see-Harden-as-All-Star-magnet-4266251.php?t=44b1c6f736f992f472 And what is the Rockets’ ceiling in regards playoff seeding this year?


630- TOP 3

645- Let’s talk about the Astros and money and perception for just a moment… Maury Brown is coming on at 9 to break it all down.

700- Holdup, is Percy Harvin available?!? http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/02/10/spielman-tiptoes-around-the-percy-harvin-problem/ and http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2013/02/09/max-says-vikings-may-try-to-trade-percy-harvin/ Because if he is, I would trade a first for him in a halfsecond…. The PERFECT WR for this offense with this quarterback.

And what about Wes Welker? http://bostonglobe.com/sports/2013/02/10/offseason-list-for-new-england-patriots/xaMUiSEZQYZ0hqtmDh21oM/story.html Well, he’s not an option.

715- LeBron’s last 6 games have never been—and maybe never will be—duplicated… The guy is scoring 30+ a night on like 70% shooting. This is absurd.

… PLUS, when will coaches understand the art/idea of fouling up 3? This happens each and every weekend in college and NBA ball… In the NBA is Stern just forbidding them from doing it?

730- Pick a team, Patriots, Colts, Broncos, etc… And tell me what they could add that would scare you the most… What one thing could any of the elite teams in the NFL add that would make them the toughest… Here’s my list…

49ers- One more legit WR Packers- Reggie Bush Patriots- A really good pass rusher Colts- A great offensive tackle Broncos- A shutdown corner

745- NO HUDDLE… This Dorner situation is unreal… Why has this not happened yet? http://espn.go.com/los-angeles/nba/story/_/id/8931131/antawn-jamison-says-michael-jordan-a-solid-contributor-50 … Jim Nantz and HW Bush are boys, huh? http://deadspin.com/5982993/red-alert-jim-nantz-compromised-hacked-e+mails-contain-the-whitest-sentence-on-record

800-James Harden as a recruiter for the Rockets… And the Rockets are going to be the 6, 7 or 8 seed… What is the ideal matchup? Which team COULD they upset in the first round?…

PLUS, numbers wise, how freaking great has Harden been? http://www.grantland.com/blog/the-triangle/post/_/id/50343/the-height-of-wonkery-an-in-depth-look-at-the-nba-with-the-most-innovative-technology-available

815- Do you want to talk about this? http://espn.go.com/espn/otl/story/_/id/8930657/joe-paterno-family-report-calls-freeh-report-sandusky-scandal-total-failure I really don’t.


845- I want to talk about Percy Harvin… This is the exact type of move the Texans—in my opinion —have to call about. Would I give a up a 1 st round pick? Yes, I would, I think.

900- MAURY BROWN on what exactly the Astros are saying and what is the truth…


930- Let’s look at the Texans from a different angle… What is the one thing they could do this offseason that would scare opposing teams more than anything? If you’re, say, the Colts, what Texans move would you LEAST like to see

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