HOUSTON (CBS Houston) When it comes to thinking “green”, children can get in on environmental awareness. Practicing “green” habits at a young age can assure environmental awareness when they grow older. Below are ways you can help children “go green” and have fun in the process!

1. Purchasing items and supplies that are “green”. When it’s time for your child to go school shopping, consider taking that little one to a place that offers “green selections”. For example, purchasing writing paper that is made from recycled fibers is a great place to start. Talk with your child about the reasons that it’s important to purchase items that can be recycled. When they grow up, they will be sure to thank you for it!

2. Make an adventure of carpooling, taking the bus or walking. Make a day out of taking the bus or walking to a destination and talk to your child about the importance of using less fuel. Interested in planning a day at the museum? Consider taking the city bus as opposed to driving there. Spend time with your child and allow them to see firsthand the importance of saving energy when it comes to transportation.

(credit: Getty Images)

(credit: Getty Images)

3. Begin an organic garden. Thinking green when it comes to gardening is a great way to not only spend quality time with your child, but you are instilling great eating habits. There is no greater joy to see eyes brighten from a successful organic vegetable garden. Make it a date to spend time every week in your organic garden and talk about why it is important to plant food that can grow. Children can learn about composting with natural materials and gain insights for better diets and have fun with healthy foods!

4. Have “Light Off” Time. Make an activity out of bringing awareness to energy in the home by bringing to the attention of children the need to conserve lights. Make a fun activity centering around turning off the lights at home. Have your child turn off the lights and explain why it needs to be done. Turn conservation into a game for your child and see how they take conserving to a whole new and fun level.

5. Make Recycling time fun time. Consider purchasing colorful and earth-friendly bins and designate them as recycle bins for aluminum, plastic and other materials that can be recycled. Perhaps your little one would love their own set of recycle bins!

What are some ways you incorporate “going green” into your child’s life? Share them and watch related video below!


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