How we fix college FB recruiting. Plus Vandermeer, Doc First and Kevin Sumlin live In The Loop

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600- Where are we at when Ole Miss dominates NSD and the national discussion is at they must have cheated? I mean, don’t we have to reexamine this whole thing?…

And, yanno, there’s this


630- TOP 3… Pieces that would be better than a cat for the monopoly piece?

645- the WR question and the Texans…

700- Rockets Broussard thoughts… Plus rockets v heat thoughts… The Lakers are screwed again! Pau out 6 weeks!

715- NSD Interview interview with JC Shurburtt… How did Texas do? What about A&M? And how the hell did Ole Miss do what they did?


745- NO HUDDLE… Two tweets from @grapesofraph are the worst things on Twitter…

800- 830- MARC VANDERMEER… Vandy’s thoughts on McNair’s latest comments that you can see @nickscurfield… So, uh, why did the season end as it did? (We never really talked to Vandy about it) Vandy’s thoughts on the AFC hierarchy heading into next season…

830- Jay Cutler is an American hero… I have a theory on this… And how did Lopez get engaged?

Plus, what is wrong with CBS

845- We’ve got a problem when someone does well and the overwhelming thought is that they’re cheating…

900- Kevin Sumlin


930- Chris Broussard’s thoughts on the Rox… And this is great right here

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