By MIKE MELTSER, SportsRadio 610By Mike Meltser
  1. How did Rich Lord acquire the room he did? We have about 11 people staying in one house, so some sharing is required. Somehow, Rich has acquired a master bedroom with a gigantic bed and an unbelievable bathroom that includes a hot tub AND a steam shower. Basically, he has one entire section of the couch. As a quasi-result of this, 3-time Super Bowl champion Ted Johnson is sleeping on the bottom bunk of a bed.
  2. Seth Payne is a tremendous roommate  Seth and I are sharing a living room, and I have zero complaints. He goes to bed early and wakes up at something like 5 in the morning. Also, he is quiet when he sleeps, despite being a former NFL nosetackle sleeping on an air mattress.
  3. SportsRadio 610 has some very good cooks. John Lopez cooked an excellent macaroni/cheese/sausage creation on Sunday night, and Ted cooked some tremendous barbecue (from his dad’s restaurant, the Rib Tickler) on Monday night.
  4. Rich wakes up fairly early for a man who works afternoon drive. What does he do all day?
  5. Nick Wright goes to sleep late, for a man who works in morning drive.
  6. I haven’t seen Anna-Megan Raley around, except for the times on Radio Row. She is operating on the type of work schedule that requires full sleep from about 7pm-5am every day. Great job by her.
  7. The house gets very quiet in the middle part of the day, right around 4-7 p.m. About half of the people are sleeping, and the other half (I think Lopez, Payne, Johnson) are working out in some form or fashion in New Orleans.
  8. Josh Innes has adopted to stay at his dad’s house in Baton Rouge. Why would one choose to travel that far on a daily basis? Bad job by him. I miss him.

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