It’s a fact. The winter months can be absolutely brutal on our skin. From dry patches on our elbows to our hair being itchy, winter requires that more moisture be placed into our skin to ensure its health and elasticity.

So how can we keep our faces moisturized and our bodies hydrated? This “Beauty and Wellness Wednesday”, let’s explore the various ways we can keep skin glowing and great, even in the winter months.

Be Gentle With Your Crown When I don’t put enough hydrating oils on my scalp, my hair can itch. I am certain that yours can itch too. So no matter if you wear it straight, wavy, curly or even bald, your scalp needs TLC during the winter months! Men, try a great hydrating balm if you have no hair up there. Ask your barber how you can maintain a great finish when you are walking around with your bald head in the winter months. For us ladies, there are several ways we can keep our scalp hydrated. One of my favorite ways is with a warm extra virgin olive oil, hot oil treatment. Place a half of a cup of the olive oil in the microwave, and place the warm (not hot) olive oil on your head and place a plastic bag or cap over your hair. Enjoy a bubble bath or watch a television show for about 30 minutes and then rinse the oil out. Then for extra hydration, place just a dab on your scalp and massage it in there for healthy, hydrated hair! Vitamin E oil is also great for keeping your scalp hydrated.

Cheer For Sheer! When choosing a foundation for your skin, consider going a bit sheer as your face will have moisture on it from your hydrating cream. You never want your make up to look “cakey” or flaky so keep foundation sheer as you place a great cream over your face for hydration.

Face And speaking of faces, your face needs great TLC during the winter months. What worked in the summer is not going to be applicable in the winter months. Skin loses moisture in the winter so it’s important to use a moisturizer that will not clog your pores but provide great moisture for your skin. Try creams that have no scent to them and are packed with vitamins and minerals. Remember that olive oil for you hair? Well, a “dab” or two of it on your face will give you a great glow! Vitamin E is also great as a face moisturizer.

Exfoliate That Face Before applying any moisturizer to your face, make sure that your skin is exfoliated. You need to only do this about once a week. I enjoy a great apricot scrub as a great exfoliating treatment. You want to gently lift the dirt from your face and give it a great glow. I also have found great joy in cleansing creams that have gycloic acid in them as well as salicylic acid. Each of these is sold over the counter and you can use them on a regular basis as the concentrations are not great. If you find that your face is red, then stop using them or use them on alternate days. We want your skin healthy and glowing, not battered and red! Should you have issues with your skin and it becomes inflamed, you want to see a doctor immediately. Acne prone skin and skins that are prone to breakouts still need moisture. Check ingredients on your creams to ensure that you are not clogging your pores. I have also found that using oatmeal on a washcloth, gently exfoliates my skin. Try it!

(credit: Getty Images)

(credit: Getty Images)

Drink Water Are you interested in a classic beauty secret for your skin? Then turn a water bottle filled with water upside down, and drink up. Water is a purifier for your body and helps the body to eliminate toxins and impurities. Those same toxins and impurities can cause your skin to look dull and lifeless. To make my water drinking fun, I buy great glasses and place fresh fruit in them. Not only does my water “look” good, it also tastes great as well!

Humidifier Anyone? During the winter, it’s important that our environments stay hydrated. Check and see if you can have a portable humidifier in your office and invest in a few to use at home. Humidifiers purify and moisten dry, winter air.

(credit: Getty Images)

(credit: Getty Images)

Diet OK… so I am going to ask… how is that diet of yours? Are you getting plenty of fruits and vegetables in it? Your skin is an organ in your body and needs great nourishment. It glows when you put good things inside of it. Fruits and vegetables are great ways to get glowing skin and even keep your body healthy. Why not make a great fruit salad and keep it on your desk throughout your work day or grab some friends and enjoy a great and warm piece of chicken or salmon over a Caesar salad for a wonderful and healthy lunch? Your body will feel right and look right when the right foods are eaten. So enjoy a coffee, but do drink a wonderful glass of water and eat a balanced diet as much as you can.

Do you have ways you keep your skin glowing during the winter months? Share them with us and watch related videos below!

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