After we picked up our credentials for Radio Row, John Lopez, Nick Wright and I took the company credit card and hit up the local grocery store to purchase all the food and beverages for our Radio Row Bud Light Bungalo.

Our food is sponsored by Dan Pastorini Quality Foods. Thanks, Dan! We love you!

Now back to the best part of this story…

We approached the checkout line with the most obnoxious-looking, overly-filled grocery cart. Lopez threw out the idea of each throwing in $5 and betting on the grand total. All three of us agreed to bet.

After both Nick and Lopez looked through the cart intently and scrutinized it closely, we each typed a a dollar amount to each other, which we revealed after a 3-count.

Lopez – $306; Nick – $351; AMR – $474.

At first, I was embarrassed that my grand total was so far apart from the guys’ bets. But I immediately recruited the girl ringing up our groceries and other employees to root for me. If we had any total above $411, I would win.

As the total began to grow, the guys thought, for sure, I didn’t stand a chance. But as it continued to grow and grow (and the wine was rung up), Nick started to worry. Lopez was clearly out after a couple minutes. Then Nick was out.

The grand total was $475.29, just $1.29 more than my guess. I won $10, and I feel like a champion. 🙂

Radio Row


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