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More believable (w/audio): Manti or Royce? Plus Dick Vermeil in-studio, Florio & Texans desperate for QB?

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600- Hey the Texans signed a QB, John!

And by the way, speaking of QBs in Texas… You seen this Johnny Football video?!? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n58bFRauLL4


630- TOP 3…

645- Manti Speaks… And Couric calls him dumb… and ask him if he’s gay, his answer is just perfect.

But OK, let’s take EVERYTHING he said at face value… This is an ABSURD story, and Couric—to her credit—seemed pretty incredulous about this…

But honestly, Mant’I this might be the LEASE believable tale I’ve ever heard… HE’S SAYING HE THOUGHT SHE WAS ALIVE UNTIL THE DEADSPIN STORY?!?


700- Royce White? Maybe… If not, I have a feeling we can continue this Mant’I story, and those truly incredible voicemails…

ALSO… PRO BOWL, y’all… And am I the only person that really likes the Pro Bowl? I am?!?

715- You know, we got to start talking about the Super Bowl… 2 of my all time favorites–Ed Reed and RandyMoss—one of them will get their first ring… Random Question: If you could have either one of these 2 guys for their career on YOUR team… which one you want? To me it’s a no doubter…

ALSO… More underappreciated career—Anquan Bolden or Frank Gore

730- LaVell Crawford from the Houston Improv… This is exciting.

745- HornSolutions.net NO HUDDLE… @the_ironsheik’s tweets about Inside the NBA last night…


815- James Harden’s an All Star! You’re damn straight he is… Also, here’s the rest of the rosters…



900- BROOKE BENTLEY… I want to talk Mant’I with Brooke… Didn’t he seem like a guy who would do ANYTHING to avoid embarrassment for his family? And does ANY of what he’s saying make a lick of sense? He believed her post-death drug dealer I’m a live story!?!

915- HEADLINES… Including the Texans signing Steven McGee…

930- Randy Moss and Ed Reed… Anquan Bolden and Frank Gore… And am I the only person excited for this Pro Bowl?

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