Did you know that with a few simple steps and changes at your workplace you can help your environment? “Going green” in the workplace can be effortless and even fun with a few simple changes to your daily routine.

“Going green” and helping the environment at your workplace can be done and the best part about helping out our environment at work is that there is very little work involved! Check out a few and simple ways you can help us all live better in and out of the office.

Turning Lights Off One of the biggest ways companies waste electricity and drain resources is by leaving lights on in meeting rooms and areas where there is no one there. While your workplace should be warm and inviting to guests, it may serve your company to implement a policy that certain rooms and gathering areas should remain dark if the rooms are not in use. That huge conference room does not need to be lit if there is no one in there meeting for a conference. Also, remember to turn off your laptop or computer when you are not using it. If you have a company function or a personal matter that requires you to be away for a few hours, simply turn it off or place it on a lower-powered setting. You are saving energy that way!

Just Reuse and Recycle! Many times the workplace is a productive place but a wasteful place as well. Once those notes on that paper are no longer needed or you have old documents that are no longer of service to you or your co-workers, place them in a recycle bin and allow that paper to be reused in another life and form. Have a small recycle receptacle next to your desk so that old papers and printing copies can be placed in it. Check with your office’s manager to see if your office participates in a recycling program there on the premises. Many companies do!

Use Dishes For Lunches Recently, I took a trip to the store to purchase a great coffee mug for my desk. I found one with my initials on it and needless to say, that my special mug makes drinking coffee and tea time, fun time! I also save on waste in my office by not using Styrofoam cups to house a beverage. So consider purchasing dishes and cups that can be reused as you enjoy a great lunch or beverage at your workplace; our ozone layer will thank you for it!

Green Up Your Neck of The Woods If your co-workers don’t mind or your supervisors don’t mind, add a plant to your desk’s décor. Plants are great ways to have healthy oxygen near you. Not only do plants offer a more scenic work environment, studies have shown that they reduce stress in the work place while increasing productivity. Also as we all know from third grade science class, plants give oxygen back to our environment as they absorb carbon dioxide and transform it into oxygen for us.

Do you have additional ways to “go green” at work to share? Add them to our list and watch the related video below:


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