HOUSTON (CBS Houston) A toddler and his mother are recovering after being attacked by a pit bull. According to Animal Control Officers in Montgomery County, Priscilla Rodriguez and her son, Anthony, were outside. Rodriguez went back into the home to get a glass of water and the baby was outside in a wagon.

Officials stated that the child was able to get out of the wagon and walk close enough to a pit bull. The child was so close to the dog that the dog was able to attack and bite the baby. Rodriguez walked outside in just enough time to pry the dog off of her toddler son. As the mother attempted to save her child, she too sustained some injuries as a result of being attacked by the pit bull.

Additional reports indicate that the toddler was rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital and taken into surgery. He is expected to recover from his injuries. As officials work to assess the incident, they are not sure what provoked the dog but were able to determine that it was able to break from its chain.

The attack on the Montgomery County mother and toddler marks the second pit bull attack in the county in less than a week. The last pit bull attack involving a child happened over the past weekend.

According to police, a pit bull attacked and killed a four-year-old boy in Pinehurst. In that instance, the child climbed a fence and wandered into a neighbor’s yard where the dog was chained. Despite the fact that the four-year-old boy’s sister was able to take him inside of their home so he could receive medical attention for his injuries, he later died from the dog attack.


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