HOUSTON (CBS Houston) On Wednesday, the office of Houston Mayor Annise Parker released crime statistics that show a decline in Houston’s overall crime rate.

Under the leadership of Mayor Parker and Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland, Houston’s overall crime rate shows a decrease of eight percent. Wednesday’s released figures are based on a comparison of Part One Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) for the three years before and after the start of 2010.

“There were declines noted in each of the seven Part One reporting categories of murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, theft and auto theft”, added officials from the office of Mayor Parker.

Mayor Parker stated that the recent crime figures allow for a clear and promising picture of Houston, when it comes to crime rates:“These numbers provide a clearer indication of overall crime trends in Houston than the usual one-year snapshot or the nightly news,” Mayor Parker said in a statement. “I believe there are contributing factors including the commitment of our hard-working men and women in blue, greater citizen awareness that is the result of the global cyber village in which we live today and an improving local economy.”

Police Chief McClelland echoed the sentiments of Mayor Parker and further stated that when working to combat crime, Houston law enforcement officials work as a team to get vast and permeating results: “Fighting crime is a team approach between citizens in our community and the police. I want to thank the men and women of HPD, from every rank – patrol officers to investigators to commanders to my command staff,” said Police Chief McClelland. “Their outstanding efforts each and every day have met and exceeded my expectations in making this one of the safest cities in America.”

Mayor Parker and Chief McClelland also jointly noted that one crime is a crime too many. But with the collective forces of law enforcement in Houston, as well as citizen participation in combating crime and illegal activities, the crime figures will be on a constant slope of decline, ensuring safety and well being for all Houston residents. Additional information about how Houston citizens can assist police and other officials with decreasing crime can be found by clicking here.

View the decline in crime rates by reading the chart below:

(credit: City of Houston)

(credit: City of Houston)


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