Conserving energy and helping to save our planet and environment need not be a priority only in the spring or summer. You can still conserve energy in the winter months, think “green” thoughts and even save money doing so!

Check out these ways you can apply these “green” winter tips for a better you and a better environment:

1. If you live where the snow falls, then opt to go out and shovel it. Instead of a snow thrower that has to use gas, grab a shovel and get shoveling. Not only are you making your walkways and driveways hazard-free, but you are getting in some good exercise.

2. Power down your home. If you are not in the room with the portable heater, then turn it off. Perhaps you can allow some natural sunlight to warm things up a bit. Try using a power strip for your electronics and with darker days that come earlier in the winter months, consider keeping lights on a timer instead of turning them on and keeping them on for several hours at a time.

3. Are you wasting water? During the winter, many of us spend more time in our homes. We wash clothes and practice those grooming habits. Make sure you wash clothes when there is a full load to wash. Also, keep water waste to a minimum by not allowing your shower water or bathroom sink water to continually run as you brush your teeth and prepare for that shower.

4. Turn down that thermostat and layer it on. In an effort to save our environment (not to mention keep your electricity bill down), turn down that thermostat and layer yourself with blankets; it’s the more economical way to stay warm. For a great movie night, try hitting your favorite store and check out what quilts and blankets are on sale. Buy several of them that are nice and warm and be prepared for the pending “snuggle alert” that will take effect later on that evening! Also try turning down your thermostat when you are not at home. There is no need to heat your walls and paneling (know what I mean?)

5. Let nature warm and brighten your home. During the winter months, the days are lessened with natural light but there are those times that the sun sits in the sky. During those times, allow that light to brighten and warm your home.

What are some ways you “go green” during winter months? Share your tips with us and watch related video below!


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