When it comes to dressing for these colder days, you need not sacrifice fashion for warmth! There are ways you can keep the fashion bar high while staying comfortable and cozy.

Check out some chic ways you can stay warm and be the “fashinista” you really are!

When it comes to layers, “thin is in”! Dressing for the winter months can be tricky. You are outside in the cold but you come indoors to heated rooms and places. So dressing in layers may prove to be best. When dressing in layers, you can add or detract from your clothing. Headed to work? Then try a great light sweater with a scarf. If the scarf is not needed once you are in the workplace, you can still remove it and show off that wonderful sweater.

“Coat it up” with cute style. Check your local resale shops for great wool coats in various colors. You do not have to spend a fortune on great looking coats. Light wool coats are great for those days in which is not terribly cold outside and heavier coats are great for those blistering windy days. At least two fashionable winter coats will do well for you during those winter months. Also, make sure you accessorize your great coat with colorful scarves and gloves.

(credit: Getty Images)

(credit: Getty Images)

Hats are Happenin’! Whether you are the “fedora” type or you look great in a fitted knit, hats are great ways to keep your head warm and still look fantastic doing so. I don’t recommend purchasing hats at consignment stores for health reasons but check out sales at your favorite stores for great hat sales. You may even want to stock up for the winter seasons to come!

..ane speaking of accessories, scarves and gloves are great ways to maintain warmth as well as style. Scarves can also be worn indoors, ya know… so select scarves that are bold in colors and go with an array of pieces in your wardrobe! Oranges, reds, creams and neutral colored scarves can be loosely tied around your neck and then paired with a great cardigan or blouse. They are easily removable should you get a bit warm.

What are some ways you stay warm while staying cute? Share them and watch related video below!


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