600- Super Bowl is set! Ravens vs 49ers…yeah, you couldn’t have guessed this at ANY point this season…


630- Top 3…

645- Texans and match ups.. Absolutely could beat San Francisco…

700- 49ers vs… Ravens… Wow. The Harbaugh bowl actually is happening…

715- Helmet to helmet and how are we going to fix this? Is this just going to be NFL life now?

730- the insult of the helmet to helmet rule… PLUS… What the hell did Mant’i Teo say? And what’s he doing now???

745- NO HUDDLE… If Bernard pollard never played Brady might have 7 rings… Did you see Russ Westbrook?

800- ravens in the Super Bowl and why week 10 in e NFL is completely meaningless…

815- Tom Brady… First loss EVER at home with Halftime lead?!? This hurts the legacy, I guess…

And is Belichick just the least like able guy ever?


845- Mant’i Teo?!? C’mon…. Man.

900- An unconscious Stevan Ridley and a scrum for th ball… The helmet to helmet stuff revisited…


930- Is a GREAT HC more important than a GREAT QB?


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