By JIM MUDD, SportsRadio 610

Zombies. I’m not here to debate the existence of zombies or the impending zombie apocalypse.

I’m not sure there is even a debate at this point. The Center of Disease Control released a statement over the summer that zombies weren’t real. Initially that put my mind at ease, but then I got to thinking. Why would a government agency take the time to tell us that something wasn’t real. Why? Maybe, just maybe, if zombies were to start shuffling through the streets blindly looking for food it would be the fault of some nameless government agency.

If you’re not watching The Walking Dead on AMC , you should be. The show is a well-written drama about a group of people trying to survive. The backdrop of the story just happens to be the zombie apocalypse. If you do believe that zombies could exist, the show could be a guide on how to survive if you find yourself in the middle of a zombie situation.

The shows main character is a policeman by the name of Rick Grimes. In the shows first episode Rick awakens from a coma in his hospital bed. He’s unaware that the world has changed while he was sleeping. He walks out of his room to find a hospital that has been turned upside down. As he walks outside he sees carnage. The show follows Rick as he adjusts to his new existence in search of his family.

Zombies have an insatiable appetite. They will eat any and everything that is in their path. You could argue that at one time I wasn’t much different from a zombie. Well, not anymore. Thanks to my friends over at the Quick Weight Loss Center.

When I started the program I was wearing a size 4x shirt. I’m an average guy that likes to wear jeans and a t-shirt. However, your selection of t-shirts are limited when you get to a 4x. So when my wife brought a Walking Dead t-shirt home for me the other day I was surprised. Until I looked at the size. It was a 2x. My heart dropped. I hadn’t worn a 2x in 10 years. She told me to try it on. I was skeptical, but tried it on anyway. Guess what. It fit!

I’m not reading some script when you hear me say that QWLC has changed my life. It has! It is opening up a world that had been lost to me. Like being able to wear a t-shirt from one of my favorite TV shows.



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