Talk about your opportunities! It appears that AJ McCarron’s “Hot Girlfriend” has lined up yet another high-profile opportunity after being called out by legendary sports commentator Brent Musburger during a game. Katherine Webb has been chosen to be a commentator for “Inside Edition” during Superbowl XLVII in New Orleans in February!

Reports indicate that Webb will be commentating on football’s hugest game next month after she was spotted and acknowledged for her beauty during the the BCS Championship Game.

Webb who is “Miss Alabama” seems to be taking her new found fame in stride. She took to her Twitter page to share the joy of her latest opportunity:

Webb, who reportedly has no media or journalism background graduated from Auburn with a degree in business management and administration. (But who cares? She is gorgeous.)

So in addition to being offered a feature in the “Sports Illustrated”‘s swimsuit issue and being asked to judge a beauty contest by Donald Trump, Webb will get her first taste of commentating next month. We see the offers continue for this rising beauty and superstar!

So what are your thoughts about Katherine Webb being offered a journalism job? Check out the video that started it all below!


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