600- If they lose… We will be second guessing… Rick Smith for re-signing Matt Schaub before the season?… Gary Kubiak for not getting the team ready for that Vikings game?… Matt Slauson for cutting Brian Cushing?… Wade Phillips for not figuring out Brady?… Letting (gulp) Jacoby Jones go?… Matt Schaub for well, being Matt Schaub?

If they win… We will be making reservations for New Orleans?… Questioning Tom Brady post-2004?… Finally, getting the city behind Matt Schaub? (Probably not.)…


630- TOP 3… Houston Sports Wins? (Because if the Texans win on Sunday, this will enter the top 10, right?)

645- What would surprise you more? A Texans win or a Ravens win? Because if neither win, then we are going to go the whole postseason without a true upset, and that seems to never happen… (There are no possibilities for real “upsets” in the NFC, because both games are within 3 points… All favorites won AND covered in Rd 2 and without a Texans/Ravens win, both Conference Title games will be a < 4pt spread)…

700- Andre Johnson… We haven’t hardly uttered his name all week, but I think we all agree that if we are talking about a Texans win on Monday, we will also DEFINITELY be talking about a big Andre Johnson game…

I love Arian, and Daniels/Casey/Graham are all nice options, but you’re not beating Tom Brady without getting something from your WR position, and none of your wideouts are capable of going for more than 100 yards other than Andre… He MUST have a great game…

If he does, he’ll be a clear number two in Houston football history behind only Earl, right?

715- The Monkey and Matt Schaub… What if we do see a relaxed Matt Schaub—you know, the Matt Schaub that you see in early or less meaningful games, who puts up big numbers…


A little NFC Playoff discussion… Is everyone and I mean everyone picking the Seahawks, because it sure seems like that?… And, is there a favorite in the 49ers/Packers game?

730- Houston Improv brings us Sebastian Maniscalco

745- HornSolutions.net NO HUDDLE

800- What do we need from Houston’s defense? What matchups in particular scare you and where can you take advantage? What has to happen?

815- What can wreck this game… Wilfork doing what he did in Week 14… Gronk or Hernandez having a nuts-o game (150+ yards, multiple 3 rd down conversions)… Special Teams doing what it’s done all year and crushing the Texans in the Field Position game…


845- Mike Florio

900- Bold Picks

Baltimore (+9) @ Denver – on SR 610 Saturday 3pm

Green Bay (+3) @ San Francisco – on SR 610 Saturday 6:30

Seattle (+2.5) @ Atlanta

Houston (+9.5) @ New England – on SR 610 Sunday 12:30 -**featured selection**

915- Boomer Esiason

930- Andre discussion revisited… Also the Best sound from the locker room and from the odd Couple’s interview with Jim Nantz….


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