There is so much that the city of Houston is doing in order to ensure a Houston Texans win against New England this weekend. From prayer, (move over, let me share that pew please) to sporting Texans t-shirts, to now magic spells, we are a city that remains committed to our Houston Texans!

A recent visit from a witch in Houston during the “Hot Show” at our “sister station”, HOT 95.7 practically guaranteed a victory over those “pompous” Patriots (Tom Brady…we’re commin’ for YOU, BABY!) on Sunday.

A witch name Liz, affectionately called the “Houston Witch” joined The Hot Show in studio to help cast a magic spell of victory over our Houston Texans on Sunday.

With a handkerchief, a drawing of Texans QB Matt Schaub, a candle, sage, cash, and a cognac offering, the magic spell was set in motion and the Texans were assured a victory.

Originally, Hot Show radio personalities wanted to put a hex on New England. Liz however reminded the Hot Show that negative energy in our world only begets more negative energy. Thinking positive thoughts however, allows more positive thoughts to usher in, so it was positivity that the Hot Show sent to our beloved Houston Texans.

The Hot Show also added that as long as no one blew out the white candle that Liz displayed, then we are guaranteed to win against New England! So continue that prayer, use whatever methods of Law of Attraction you believe in, wear that lucky Texans t-shirt and cheer our Texans on to a complete wipe out against The Patriots! (In an effort of maintaining positivity, that “Tom Brady” comment will be removed from this post…soon.

Go Texans!

(credit: CBS Radio Houston's "The Hot Show")

(credit: CBS Radio Houston’s “The Hot Show”)

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