HOUSTON (CBS Houston) In a story of resilience and triumph, one dog that was found shot in the head and face with a pellet gun, stuffed in a garbage bag and left to die continues to recover from his injures.

The three-year-old male mixed breed dog was discovered tied to a fence in Conroe earlier this month. It was then that area residents opened the bag and found the beaten dog. One neighbor stated that the dog was covered in blood. It was a sight that floored all who initially saw the animal.

The dog was then rushed to an animal clinic and treated for his wounds. However, according to health care professionals treating the dog, pellets remain in both of the dog’s eyes and it’s unclear whether the dog, now named “Buck” will ever be able to see.

The Facebook page, “Buck Needs Bucks For his Buckshot Injures” was set up and as of early Wednesday morning, had over 25,000 “likes”. “Buck’s” story has even garnered international support. One online publication in the U.K. even wrote about “Buck’s” resilience and will to live despite abuse.

With the dog having an estimated $5,000 in medical bills, there has not only been an outpouring of support, but donations to take care of those bills.

Thanks to expert medical care and love and support from strangers, “Buck” is now walking down a path of healing and wellness.

Police in Montgomery County are investigating the incident involving “Buck” and are seeking the person or persons responsible for “Buck’s” abuse.

Watch related video below about “Buck” below:


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