600- Where are the expectations now? Is it still Super Bowl? Are people overreacting to one loss? Or is it not possible to overreact to a loss as awful as Monday? Is it still anything short of a Super Bowl would be considered a disappointing season? Would an AFC title appearance be considered good?

615- HEADLINES… Including, Roger Goodell getting bitchslapped down by Paul Tagliabue and the bountygaters…

630- TOP 3… Can we somehow have this be inspired by what happened with Goodell and Tagliabue? Top 3 ways you’ve been undermined at work?

645- So the secondary isn’t playing so well… Who in the secondary are we talking about, exactly? I haven’t heard a specific name, to be honest…

700- Alright, how much of this is just about two guys—Matt Schaub and Gary Kubiak? I know that’s simplistic, but if this team flames out—and I don’t think they will—but if they do, those two guys are getting the brunt of the blame, right?

715- NFL POWER RANKINGS—The big question will be the Texans vs Broncos

Here’s mine…

1-Patriots 2-Packers 3-Giants 4-Texans 5-Broncos 6-49ers 7-Atlanta 8-Seattle 9-Redskins 10-Bears

730- JOHN MCCLAIN… Why was the moment too big for the Texans? Who does the general blame?

745- JOHN MCCLAIN… HornSolutions.net NO HUDDLE

800- JOHN MCCLAIN… Who is to blame for this defense being in the shape that it’s in? Wade Phillips? Connor Barwin? What about the loss of Brian Cushing, are we not giving that enough credit? And who exactly among the starting secondary isn’t playing well?

815- JOHN MCCLAIN… John gets to pick this segment!

830- JOHN MCCLAIN… OK, how much of these next 3 weeks and the playoff run is a referendum on Matt Schaub and Gary Kubiak? Because fair or otherwise, I think that’s all that this season will be remembered for.

845- JOHN MCCLAIN… We talked about the #2 WR and the right side of the O-Line all offseason… Is that this team’s biggest deficiency right now? Or is it the special teams? Or is it something else?

900- NFL Playoff picture with 3 weeks left? Who ya got? Redskins, Giants or Cowboys? Texans or Colts? Jets, Steelers or Bengals?

915- HEADLINES… And more time to laugh at good ole Roger Goodell! I’m so excited!!!!

930- Right now, this moment, go on the record… Will the Texans be the #1 seed in the AFC?


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