Week 13 NFL Tweets… A tweet or two or three for every NFL game this Sunday… Well, every game that mattered… Sorry Jags-Bills and Browns-Raiders, you guys didn’t make the cut.

How did the Cardinals ever win 4 games in a row? Every aspect of that offense, starting with the line, is impossibly bad.

The Jets threw seven passes (7!) for a total of 27 yards after benching Sanchez early in the 2nd quarter… yet won, because of what you just read above.

Whatever “it” is, Russell Wilson appears to have it. Seahawks-Bears was a snoozer for the first 2.5 hours, and then thrilling for the 4th quarter and overtime.

Speaking of “it”, Andrew Luck has it in spades. The guy was downright bad for the first 57 minutes of the game, and then simply brilliant in the final 3 minutes.

Speaking of Luck, while through 12 games Robert Griffin III is clearly the Rookie of the Year, Luck maybe has retaken the lead in the “Who would you rather have for the next decade?” derby.

The Colts are somehow 8-4, and at this point nearly a lock to win a wild card spot. Wrap your mind around that.

While RGIII should be a near unanimous ROY, you can make the case that Luck deserves some MVP votes, but he won’t get any.

The Packers played a bored game until a truly epic drive in the 4th quarter. They got the ball at the start of the quarter, up 6, and had an 18-play, 11:00 drive that ended in the clinching FG.

With the win, Green Bay takes the lead in the NFC North for the first time all year. Green Bay, Chicago, the Giants and San Francisco are all within a game of the 2 seed in the NFC.

And Minnesota is in a dog fight for the final WC spot in the NFC (Seattle 7-5, Minny 6-6. TB 6-6, Cowboys & Giants could join them depending on Sunday and Monday night results.

Colin Kaepernick scored 10 of the Rams 13 regulation points for them, and Jim Harbaugh’s brilliant plan might be blowing up in his face.

And St. Louis’ kicked is one of the 25 biggest offensive weapons in all of football. I am convinced he will hit a 75 yarder before his career is over.

To steal a line from Bill Simmons, the Patriots with a classic Milton Berle game… Pulling out just enough to win.

The Broncos explode for 3 touchdowns in the 3rd quarter to put away the Bucs, as Von Miller has another monster game—1 sack, 1 INT, 1 TD, 1 PBU.

The Bengals overcome a terrible game by Andy Dalton to get to 7-5 with a win over the hopeless Chargers.

It’ll be Bengals and the Steelers for the final playoff spot in the AFC.

Speaking of the Steelers, somehow, with Charlie Batch at the helm, they go into Baltimore and beat the Ravens.

The Ravens, Patriots and Broncos are all now 9-3, fighting for the AFC’s 2 seed. Patriots have the tiebreaker with the Broncos, the Ravens have the tiebreaker with the Patriots.

And finally, my favorite moment of the weekend was the Jim Harbaugh-Mike Tomlin handshake. Tomlin’s the best. YouTube it if you haven’t seen it.


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