HOUSTON (CBS Houston) Four Klein ISD students are accused of going on a vandalism rampage and damaging dozens of cars and homes in Spring. One of the students accused of vandalism is a female cheerleader at Klein High School while another student is a female member of the drill team. The two other students are male and attend Klein Collins High School.

The four students reportedly engaged in a vandalism spree during the Thanksgiving holiday. The students took a joy ride through several Spring subdivisions and caused approximately $13,000 in damages. The four students have been identified as: Taylor Thornton, Joshua Pereson, Sarah Villareal and Alexandra Foster.

According to officials with the Precinct 4 Constable’s Office, the teens used rocks, bricks, bats and pots with plants to break windows on cars and damage homes.

Additional reports indicate that officials received dozens of calls from residents in subdivisions during the extended holiday weekend. In addition to damaged windshields on cars, there were reports of broken china  from rocks being hurled through windows. Residents reported other personal belongings damaged due to other items thrown in windows. In total, 50 cars were damaged.

The teens were identified thanks to a resident’s surveillance camera capturing a snapshot of the truck reportedly used by the four students. The truck was then spotted a few days after the vandalism spree.

Investigators found that the truck belonged to Thornton, who initially said his friends had borrowed it. He also told investigators that he was not with them at the time the vandalism occurred. He later recanted his initial statement and admitted driving the vehicle the night of the vandalism.

Further investigation of the incident revealed that the teens targeted homes of classmates, ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends they did not like. Other homes were in the path of destruction due to the teens feeling the homes had nice cars.

All four teens face charges of felony criminal mischief.


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