600- Brandon Harris fined 21K for his ST hit on Thanksgiving… That’s BS, man… Plus, the Connor Barwin audio from the NFL.com podcast on the continuity on the defense… Some interesting comments on this on the text line yesterday.


630- TOP 3… Powerball related?

645- Rolando McClain available? Jason Babin claimed… And how important is a player having “good” character as Matt Schaub and Bob McNair have alluded to recently… SPEAKING OF

SCHAUB, not surprisingly he didn’t want to talk about his Suh comments… Suh fined 30K

700- Mercilus says mobile QBs are “gay.” And believe it or not, I don’t have that much of a problem with this… We can discuss.


730- Doctor Kenneth R First

745- HornSolutions.net NO HUDDLE… ESPN and SbB censorship…

800-1000- TED JOHNSON

Topics from Ted:

1. Adderall as a PED. People think when guys get busted for a banned substance they say they took Adderall to hide they are really using steroids. That’s total bs. Guys are saying they took Adderall bc that’s exactlly what they are taking. Dr. Urschel will tell us what Adderall does for these athletes. Btw….I have never once saw or heard of a guy taking steroids. HGH is another matter though…

2. Tonya G’s article last Sunday about the kind of players the Texans look for. Bob McNair says he’s looking for three things. Lets discuss those three things.

3. I haven’t had a chance to talk about Matt Shaub’s reaction to having Suh as a teammate. I agree with Matt (Nick…I think you said you would want him on your team). We can discuss..

4. Everyone talks about the Texans having the most “balance” on offense and for that reason they have the best chance of succeeding in the playoffs. Don’t look now, but the Texans main competitors the Pats/Broncos have balance on offense too. Will it come down to who has the better D? Better QB?

5. From ESPN…..what division winner has the best chance of going farther in the playoffs….Pats/Broncos/Ravens/Falcons?

6. Comments from Kubiak conference… – Rotation of LB’s now (will teams game plan for Whitney?) – 103 pass attempts in last two games and only 4 sacks. Kub’s is happy about that (Harris in for Newton). – HE IS NOW ADMITTING MORE GUYS NEED TO GET INVOLVED IN PASS RUSH BESIDES #99. – Told Shane Grahm needs to “close the deal” – Likes how Mercilus is progressing. – Dec in NFL is “fun time”. Is it me or does it feel like the understated coach is having fun?

7. HC’s firing assistants to save their own ass. Does it work? Ried in Philly/Munchack in Tenn.

Also….Dr. Urschel will be on with us at 9am. He is with “Enterhealth” treatment center outside Dallas and has written a book called “The Addicted Brain”. He will give us his perspective about the effects/appeal Adderall has on athletes.


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