600- Texans v Lions, redux. I talked about how Encouraged by the game I was on Friday, but we don’t yet know John’s thoughts… Obviously, the big stories are…

Andre setting an NFL record for production in his last 2 weeks… And JJ Watt submitting what I believe is maybe the best year any defensive player ever has… Here’s his competition http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Football_League_Defensive_Player_of_the_Year_Award

On the flip side… Defense was not good for the first half and Schaub was not sharp throughout…

Also, of course, Suh is a jerk and Schwartz is an idiot.

615- HEADLINES… Brooks Reed injury update, plus the big NFL stories from the weekend.

630- TEXANS RADIO WITH MARC VANDERMEER… Let’s talk about the Schwartz non-challenge debacle. I want to hear Vandy’s take on what he was thinking as he was watching it live.

Also, we didn’t mention this on Friday, but this is the EXACT thing that caused the Schwartz-Harbaugh kerfuffle last year…

Also, Gary Kubiak postgame AUDIO saying everyone gets a game ball.

645- TEXANS RADIO WITH MARC VANDERMEER Ndamakung Suh… Schaub AUDIO saying he won’t talk about that play or that person. Did you guys think the kick was intentional? Kubiak and Schaub clearly did. I didn’t, but I’ve since been convinced otherwise…

Simple question-Would you want Suh on your team? Because I certainly would. I think he REALLY affected Schaub. We will ask him about it at 8am.

700- TEXANS RADIO WITH MARC VANDERMEER Andre, JJ and NFL history. Andre has the most yards of ANY RECEIVER EVER over a 2 game stretch… And JJ is submitting not just the best season in franchise history., and not just the best season by a defensive player in the NFL this year, but maybe the best defensive season by any defensive player… ever?

715- TEXANS RADIO WITH MARC VANDERMEER NFL Stories from Week 12… RGIII from Thanksgiving…

730- TEXANS RADIO WITH MARC VANDERMEER The defense didn’t play well… Or did it. This stat implies that once the second half got going, the defense stood up https://twitter.com/TXNSFAN92/status/271849820178755584

BUT… No Brooks Reed for a month… This team NEEDS Jonathan Joseph back post haste, not to mention it would be nice if Connor Barwin stepped up.

745- TEXANS RADIO WITH MARC VANDERMEER NO HUDDLE… So, uh, about Jeremy Lin http://sports.yahoo.com/news/nba–jeremy-lin-got-help-from-rockets–stars-to-tame–linsanity–beast-and-beat-the-knicks-065336972.html … Kevin McHale’s daughter, oh man, I can’t even imagine…


830- John McClain

845- Andre Johnson, his history and the game tying drive that was ALL Andre… How good is this offense with Andre in this form?

900- The Schwartz challenge, the history that wasn’t, and Suh’s temper… And winning that game without Jonathan Joseph, and what a challenge that presented.


930- Schaub cuts from earlier… What does he say about Suh? What does he say about how exhausted they were after the game? What does he say about Andre?

Also, what really DID worry me… And what really DIDN’T worry me…


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