Football… Wednesday? Yup. McClain, Florio, Boomer Esiason join us, plus dissecting injuries & defense

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600- If there’s no J Jo, what does this mean? Megatron double teamed throughout?


630- TOP 3

645- These Royce White quotes must be dissected. They can be found below… The best ones are in bold and the very best are in bigger letters.


745- No Huddle… This is a bizarre 24 hours for Ed Reed


What happened with the defense against Jacksonville? Why will it or won’t it happen against Detroit?

Injuries… Ben Tate? Jonathan Joseph? Who is the most important for this particular game?

ITL Power Rankings

Seth Payne’s tweet on how the guys should be tackling… Interesting perspective, here.

What about Arian’s carries? He’s right on pace for 400… And what about Arian’s YPC, down drastically.

Keshawn Martin with a bit of a breakout day that we haven’t discussed much… A punter and a seam stopped him from getting 2 scores…

830- Revisit the Royce White Quotes

845-Mike Florio

900- How bad was the Texans defense really against the Jags?


Justin Blackmon for 64 yards down the seam vs Manning and Quin.

Cecil Shorts for 67 yards down the sideline… Kareem fell down after 8 yards and Dobbins took a terrible angle + Shorts is VERY fast

39 yards to Blackmon on Kareem to start the 2 nd half…

81 Yards to Blackmon down the slot with McCain on him and then Demps/Manning missing the tackle.

915- Boomer Esiason

930- Straw Poll

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