By FRED DAVIS, SportsRadio 610

While watching the 49ers absolutely decimate the Chicago Bears both offensively and defensively Monday night, it prompted me to ponder whether or not the Bears dismal showing should take away from the Texans highlight win over The Chi eight days prior.

Of course it does.

Teddy J, who for those of you that listen to SportsRadio 610 know, is the recipient of many Fred Davis text messages that while they may state the obvious, are really chock full of biting insight and analysis that more folks would love to be privy to. Point is, Teddy J asked the same question later in the evening, and I told him the same thing. Yes, the Texans victory has to be looked at in a different light – albeit not a different hue all together – but the difference in the Bears team with and without Jay Cutler is so stark I’d like to see Congress get involved and waste taxpayer dollars on an investigation that would ultimately go nowhere.

Seriously, the second half was a stinkfest, Jason Campbell is the worst second –string quarterback in the history of the NFL not named Brady Quinn and after what happened to the Texans on Sunday afternoon at Reliant, the polish of beating the Bears and moving to 8-1 was suddenly dampened because of a total defensive breakdown against the hapless Jaguars, who fell to 1-9 this season after the loss and are one of the worst teams in the history of the NFL this year not named the Kansas City Chiefs…

So now there are questions about the Texans secondary, the Texans pass rush and *cue my Jerry Seinfeld voice* “What’s the deal with Arian Foster?”

And if all of that wasn’t enough, now the Texans travel to Detroit on a short week where not only will they try to prop up the sagging Detroit economy and possibly balance the city’s budget and create more jobs, but they also have to play a hungry – pun intended – Lion team that has underachieved –Matt Stafford fantasy QB owners anyone?? – and is trying like the Dickens to get into NFC playoff contention. Fall to 4-6 and they’re pretty much done. So you can bet the Lions will be jacked for this game, and I have a sneaking suspicion that if the Texans lose on Thursday, which I have a feeling they will, in three successive weeks the Texans will have beat a Chicago team that’s not good without Jay Culter; needed a Madden-like performance from Schaub and Andre to beat a 1-9 Jax team and then you lose on the road to the 4-5 Lions…. In football, it means you went 2-1 during a tough stretch and you’re 9-2 through 12 weeks with a firm grasp on the highly coveted #1 seed in the AFC.

To fans and national media, you’re showing cracks that you’re vulnerable and not the team everyone thought you were. Either way, gives us plenty to talk about. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.


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