600- Andre was special and JJ made a game saving play… And that was about the only positive from the game… The defense was as bad as it’s been in over 2 years, the secondary was extra terrible until the very end, and Schaub threw two brutal interceptions (despite being pretty damn good otherwise)


630- TEXANS RADIO WITH MARC VANDERMEER… So this team can come from behind, I guess? But this wasn’t a game you wanted to have to come from behind… So many different ways to look at this game… Finally played a bad game and found a way to win, that’s the positive… How the heck did Chad Henne come in and just tear up the defense?

645- TEXANS RADIO WITH MARC VANDERMEER… JJ Watt made the play of the game, Andre’s touchdown included, because without that play on 1 st and goal, I think the Texans lose…

-With that said, the defense gave up 2 brutal plays… 3 rd and 21 where Blackmon goes 81 for the TD… And then in 4 th and 10, and you let Blackmon get 15 yards on a play where the defense could have ENDED the game…

700- TEXANS RADIO WITH MARC VANDERMEER… Let’s talk Schaub and let’s talk Andre… Schaub was good early, AMAZING after the 1 st interception, and then threw one bizarre interception in OT that could’ve cost them the game…

But the story was Andre… 7 th most receiving yards in a game in league history… Best game of his career, and that burst that he showed on the TD… The Jags played this game very differently than week 1, where they simply wanted to take Andre out of the game… This week they let Cox play him man up, and Andre had the best game of his career.

715- TEXANS RADIO WITH MARC VANDERMEER… Where has Connor Barwin been? Yes, the secondary was brutal, but part of that is because there is simply no pass rush. Teams are now double teaming JJ on every pass play, and NO ONE is making them pay for it.

-But I don’t want to hear people blaming Gary Kubiak or Matt Schaub today… We give Wade and the defense ALL the credit ALL the time, and in this game, Wade was outcoached and the defense got it’s butt kicked all game long… But JJ made that huge play, and the Texans found a way to come from behind.

730- TEXANS RADIO WITH MARC VANDERMEER… Could you have possibly played two games more differently than this week and last week? Last week, 7-1 vs 7-1 and you win a game based purely on defense… Than this week, 8-1 vs 1-8, and it’s all about the offense…

-Also, Arian got < 3 ypc and no TDs, the Texans missed 2 FGs and were minus 3 in the TOs, and STILL found a way to win… You don’t want to be in that position, but to be able to win despite being in that position is quite impressive.

745- TEXANS RADIO WITH MARC VANDERMEER… No Huddle… I know we are all falling all over ourselves about Luck, but has anyone been paying attention to RGIII?… Matt Ryan with 5 INTs, best case for Watt for MVP? He hasn’t a single BAD game yet… The Chiefs are killing their fans, literally. No really, literally, like, it was in the obituaries.

800-830- MATT SCHAUB

830- John McClain

845- How can this team be ready to play 89 hours after that game ended? Can’t think of a worse time to have the 1130am Thanksgiving day game… ..

-Certainly could’ve used Ben Tate… Daryl Sharpton played…

-Something John said during the postgame show about a “streetfight”

-Keshawn Martin ladies and gentlemen! He made some plays… The special teams stepped up.

900- The Good… Andre, JJ and Matt… The Bad- The secondary (with Kareem, Manning and Quin being particularly bad), the pass rush, Shayne Graham…

915- Straw Poll brought to you by Comcast Sports Net

930- If you’re complaining today, you’re an idiot… No real other way to explain it.

945- Jonathan Joseph’s groin and Danieal Manning’s groin…


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