PURCELL, Okla. (CBS Houston) – Purcell police are trying to locate two men they say hid expensive cameras within the folds of their flesh in order to steal the merchandise from a local Wal-Mart.

Police told KFOR-TV that the store’s surveillance video shows two hefty men scanning the aisles and focusing on locked cabinets for nearly 15 minutes.

“They get [the cameras] in a backpack and take them to an area that is not observable by [security surveillance],” detective Scott Stephens told the station. “They take them out of the packages. They left the packages and went out of the store, through the checkout line.”

He added, “They did pay for some smaller items.”

According to the station, the store’s security told police that they found the empty packages shortly after the men left the store.

Police hypothesized that the only way for the men to get the merchandise out of the store without detection was to use their plump bodies to conceal the cameras.

“Both of the gentlemen were large so they apparently concealed the cameras somewhere on their bodies,” Stephens added to KFOR. “[B]ut because they were so large, it was hard to see how they did it.”

Police reportedly also believe that the men had a key to the cabinet, and knew where to stand while they tucked the merchandise away.

Investigators are hopeful that the security footage can help them identify the two men.


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