600- Do you remember what happened last time the Texans played the Jags? I mean, do you? It was a 27-7 absolute complete and total domination. The Jags ran 38 PLAYS! 38!!! 16 minutes of possession! Less than 120 yards, 52 passing, 65 rushing… Texans ran the ball 48 times! It was a complete and total annihilation defensively…

No reason not to get that same performance and then some on Sunday…

615- HEADLINES… With an update on the Texans injury situation in the headlines….

630- TOP 3…

645- Do you realize how bad Blaine Gabbert really truly is? By every measureable he’s the worst starting QB in the league*. Just truly awful. *Non Kansas City category.

700- Shawn and Marlon Wayans! Courtesy of the Houston Improv.

715- Colts Patriots & Steelers Ravens… These are the games that matter this weekend, and I couldn’t be more excited for one of them…

What if Luck beats Brady and the Colts end the day in 2 nd place in the AFC? How bad is the Patriots defense, really? What will the Steelers look like without Big Ben? Who exactly are the Ravens minus Lewis and Webb?

730- Simulcast with Jacksonville!

745- HornSolutions.net No Huddle!

800- Texans Audio… And Barry AUDIO on JR

815- Can we please talk about how bad Jacksonville is and how really awful Blaine Gabbert is? Because while there are no gimmees in the NFL, the Texans are licking their chops…

Have you seen the Jaguars the last 3 weeks? I have. They’re truly inept and incapable on offense. The line is 16 and I wouldn’t bet the Jags unless it were 24.5 or higher.

830- None of Your Business brought to you by Awesome Sports Logos!

845- Mike Florio brought to you by Man’s Best Friend.

900- Crown Royal Black Bold Picks of the Week

Stanford (+20.5) @ Oregon 6:00 Saturday on SR 610

Jacksonville (+15) @ Houston

Indianapolis (+9.5) @ New England ***Featured Game***

Baltimore (-3) @ Pittsburgh 6:30 Sunday on SR 610

Chicago (+4) @ San Francisco 7:00 Monday on SR 610

915- Boomer Esiason brought to you by HornSolutions.net

930- Straw Poll


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