600- Tim Dobbins fined 30K. It’s the exact amount I predicted, but still, That’s highly messed up, man… If you make 70K, could you afford to lose 3K all of a sudden? Because that’s what just happened to Tim Dobbins. Goodell doesn’t need to justbe tossing around 30K fines left and right…

-By the way, on Lopez’ issue from yesterday on protecting QBs more than we currently are… Without QB injuries we don’t get Kurt Warner, Tom Brady, Steve Young, Rich Gannon… Some of the best NFL stories and seasons are lost…


630- TOP 3

645- Royce White update… Will he play for the Rockets, ever? Lopez has strong feelings on this, and I hear what he’s saying, but no one can argue that Royce is handling this properly, right?

-It’s the Twitter and the timing that are bothering me…

700- Arian Foster interviews Justin Forsett! This is awesome.

-Also, Houston needs Ben Tate back…

-Arian carry update! At this point, does anyone still care?


730- Doc Kenneth R First



800- We have GOT to get Ted’s take on Lopez’ craziness yesterday regarding quarterbacks, because I think old reliable Teddy 3 rings is going to have my back on this one…

Ted Wants to get into… 1. Tim Tebow

2. Ben Rothlesburger

3. Hope Solo/Jeremy Stevens

4. Urlacher/Manning

5. Six guys who stood out in Bears game.

6. Quality teams show they can win in different ways. The Bears out performed the Tex in several categories.

7. Cowherd’s power rankings were 1. Texans. 2. Broncos 3. Steelers and the AFC is suppose to be horrible. Don’t count out the Pats…

900- The Nation’s top basketball recruits…

Who was Ted Johnson’s neediest teammate? His take on the Royce White saga…


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