OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (CBS Houston) – A skunk spraying a dog leads the pet’s owners to save their neighbor from a house fire.

KFOR-TV reports that Frank Kirk and his son Canton Bond noticed that their neighbor’s house was on fire when they were cleaning their dog early Sunday morning.

“There was just smoke pouring out all along the side of the house,” Kirk told KFOR. “The big driveway door collapsed down on the ground. It was, like, half of it was on fire.”

The station reports the two were able to get the elderly neighbor out the back door of the enflamed house and out to the curb.

“The smoke was really, really thick and you could barely see her,” Bond told the station.

Other neighbors called Kirk a hero.

“Frank’s the hero. It’s the skunk that saved the day but that’s probably not very accurate. Frank was the one that saved the day,” neighbor Greg King told the station.

“If the skunk hadn’t been there and sprayed the dog, we wouldn’t have been out in the back cleaning the dog,” Kirk explained to KFOR.

The station reports that the elderly neighbor lost her dog in the fire.


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