600- Don’t look now guys, but forget MVP… JJ Watt might not win Defensive Player of the year… And this is just absurd and infuriating. I mean, why do you think the Bears only scored 6 points? Yes, the secondary played out of their mind (more on them later), but having to put 2 guys on JJ every play absolutely affected their offense…


630- TOP 3… Phobias? Did you see this Eric Berry video? We’ll play the audio, because it is truly unbelievable http://deadspin.com/5960204/eric-berry-is-legitimately-terrified-of-horses

645- Adrian Peterson, dropping charges, and the faulty nature of ALWAYS trusting the cops…

700- Some INSANITY courtesy of John Lopez—

“ I was having a discussion with a buddy and decided over the course of the conversation that the NFL needs to protect quarterbacks even more than they already do.

It’s the most important position in the NFL and we lost four last week — three to head injuries.

How do you protect the most important players and the NFL product, without sacrificing the violence and hitting that draws so many fans? Elite quarterbacks pay the bills. I hate watching bad quarterbacking — and that was clear when Cutler went down against the Texans.

I was happy as a fan, but the end of the game was a dud. No one — I mean NO ONE — believed Jason Campbell could make a seven-point game interesting.

As much as I hate to say this because I like the hitting as much as anyone, quarterbacks should not be hit above the shoulders or below the waist. Perhaps the, “In The Grasp” rule should make a return appearance.


Part of me doesn’t like that fact and sacks will suffer. Part of me doesn’t like the fact that QBs will have such an advantage and defenses will face even longer odds. But not only do I believe it would be best for the entertainment value, I also believe that’s where the NFL is heading.”

Well, Lopez is dead wrong. We will discuss.

715- Continue Lopez’ craziness… Plus, Royce White… UHOH FELLAS! He’s skipping practice? Complaining about playing time? Being just a general weirdo on Twitter? Check, check and Check!

730- JOHN MCCLAIN… Best team in the NFL? Best team he’s covered?

745- JOHN MCCLAIN… NO HUDDLE… This Marlins thing is absolutely MADDENING!… http://deadspin.com/5960332/the-miami-marlins-are-a-hilarious-disgrace … AUDIO please, of ESPN on ESPN crime http://deadspin.com/5960314/now-even-espns-announcers-are-mocking-espns-tebow-obsession … Hey guys, college basketball started?…


815- JOHN MCCLAIN… Let’s talk about resting players vs. the Jags… Give Arian the day off? What about Andre? What about getting some of the rookie WRs some more reps?

-Also, where is Ben Tate at? OD? Shaun Cody?

830- Joe Mantanegna from CSI! Hold on, he’s the voice of Fat Tony! I had no idea, but now I got beef with Joe Mantegna….

845- JOHN MCCLAIN…Tom Flores came up on Twitter with Peter King and Lopez got super pissed! It was awesome. Let’s gets McClain’s thoughts on Mr. Flores… And how big of a drama queen is Big Ben? I mean, come on, man.

900- I want to revisit John’s craziness from 7am, because my head still hurts by John’s sissynes, especially coming from such a supposed manly man!

915- STRAW POLL… Also, this is just awesome http://www.cnn.com/video/?hpt=hp_t3#/video/bestoftv/2012/11/12/dnt-nc-clowns-face-off-with-kkk.wcnc

930- Michelle Beadle joins the show!

945- Shiner Whiner Line… Wingstop 2 Minute Drill… Plus, I want to revisit the Adrian Peterson stuff from earlier, briefly… Also, those pictures of Mike!!!


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