Nick Wright’s Fave Tweets To Summarize NFL Week 10

By NICK WRIGHT, SportsRadio 610
It’s like the Giants actually don’t want homefield advantage… Just perfectly happy getting the 4 seed and setting themselves up to go into Atlanta and beat the Falcons in round 2…
Eli, by the way, has played like hot garbage for the last 14 quarters now (since 1st half of 49er game)…
Hey, Andy Dalton played a game without throwing a pick! First time all year. Good for the Red Rocket
The Dolphins as a sleeper playoff team? Yeah, that was a shortlived bandwagon. They lost the Titans game before the end of the 1st
Hey guys, Chris Johnson is pretty damn good, again. He’s going to finish this season top 5 in rushing yards, somehow.
Adrian Peterson is one of the most impressive football players I’ve ever seen. Truly an iconic player fro his era, and what he’s done after blowing out his knee is really unprecedented and unreal.  27-171 and 1TD, 1st player to get to 1K rushing yards…
Anybody want to play the Saints right now? I didn’t think so.
When do peoples start singing Josh Freeman’s praises? The last 5 games he’s been as good as any quarterback in the NFL.
And when does Norv Turner get fired?
You’re killing me, Cam Newton. Killing. Me.
JJ Watt has been on such a higher level that you can’t really compare anyone to him, but Von Miller has been just outstanding all year.

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