600- This is who the Texans are… and this is who the Texans need to be. Just a punch you in the mouth, dominating defense. The offense doesn’t need to be elite, the offense needs to be good enough, which it clearly was, because this is a really, truly great defense, and I see no reason that that is going to change…

-Also, JJ Watt, again, just wrecking offenses from start to finish… Also, Connor Barwin was really involved from start to finish.

615- HEADLINES…(B-Straw. Let’s make sure we include the Rockets 2 games from the weekend in the headlines)

630- TEXANS RADIO WITH MARC VANDERMEER…. 7-1. Schaub was very good, Arian was as sharp as he’s been all year, and the defense once again just thoroughly dominated from start to finish.

645- TEXANS RADIO WITH MARC VANDERMEER. Why the first TD worked… What the Texans do on running AND passing plays that is unlike almost any other team in the league… Peter King wrote about it, the use the EXACT same motion and routes on runs and passes, so defenses really don’t know what the Texans are doing.

700- TEXANS RADIO WITH MARC VANDERMEER. Andre Johnson officially back? Last 3 games, he’s looked like vintage Andre… 25 catches, 279 yards on 32 targets… When he is clicking, this offense moves from being a good offense, to one that is VERY hard to game plan against.

715- TEXANS RADIO WITH MARC VANDERMEER. Let’s talk some Mario… Especially some of Mario’s postgame comments and some of his in game antics… Also, Connor Barwin had his best game of the year without question, and Mercilus is coming on a bit as well.

730- TEXANS RADIO WITH MARC VANDERMEER… Watch out now for…Andrew Luck? Also, an excuse to play this unbelievable Chuck Pagano video http://www.colts.com/media-center/videos/Coach-Pagano-Locker-Room-Speech-Dolphins/ab62385f-1e06-4136-b3d5-0cfde2a7a4fe Colts just 2 games back of the Texans…

745- TEXANS RADIO WITH MARC VANDERMEER. NO HUDDLE… 2 rules the NFL needs to look at how they administer them, the defensive pass interference penalty (especially on underthrows) and the defenseless receiver rule, both at game altering and inconsistently called… Charles Tillman and Von Miller are playing on as high a level as JJ Watt… RGIII is going to get killed, they gotta figure out a better way to keep him clean.



845- Who are the leading contenders for NFL MVP? JJ Watt again keeps his name in the race. He has to have MONSTER efforts week in week out, and he has… but Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning (along with Matt Ryan) might be separating themselves…

-By the way, defensive Player of the Year is almost as prestigious, harder to win and he has some REAL competition for that one, with Von Miller and Charles Tillman doing what they’ve been doing.

-This also gives us another opportunity to talk about Barwin this week.

900- Holdup, Jerome Solomon, and everyone else talking about the Texans “starting slow.” I don’t think you fully understand what this team is… This team is supposed to be DOMINANT on defense, not on offense, and the defense did not “start slow.” In fact, the defense was just as good in the first quarter as it was the 4 th …

-Everyone likes to say that at some point the Texans are going to come up against a great QB and then Schaub is going to have to play great. I don’t know that that is true… I think this defense can *potentially* minimize a great QBs impact, and just need a traditional Schaub game to win…

915- STRAW POLL… I don’t know how, but I will work this in http://www.complex.com/city-guide/2012/11/massachusetts-man-beats-girlfriend-with-python

930- Andre catching balls again, Arian isn’t… How come? You guys know how important I think Andre is… But what about Arian as a threat out of the backfield, why aren’t we seeing it?

-Also, Arian DID look like himself again with his 24 carry, 111 yard performance on the ground…

– I gotta ask about that 4 th down call in the 4 th … That’s the one piece of the game that didn’t make ANY sense to me… Unless you just have no faith in your special teams… Oh wait, now it makes PERFECT sense…

945- A few thoughts on James Harden, teasing tomorrow…


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