Nick is 1/82nd right on Harden. Mario wagging the dog? And Doc First breaks it down.

Ted Johnson stuck in Massachusetts…

600- Say what Mario Williams?

615- HEADLINES (People are going to legitimately need to know how the Rockets won, since they couldn’t see it…) Delfino caught fire in the 4 th , and Harden carried them the entire game.

630- Top 3…

645- Rockets vs Pistons… Harden! 37-6-12-4… Here’s the list that’s done THAT in past 30 years But here’s the cold truth… Right now the Rockets MUST have Terrence Jones have a much better than can be expected rookie year because Morris is overwhelmed and Asik (I don’t care what the stat line was) is not going to be able to stay on the court productively…

-Lin the obvious X factor

700- Not sure how I feel about ESPN’s Super Bowl blueprint article

715- STRAW MAN ON CAMPUS (Did John see what Kirk Herbstreit said about Texas A&M vs Alabama?)

730- Dr. Kenneth R First

745- NO HUDDLE… I’ve got a question about prison socialflow_deadspin_twitter&utm_source=deadspin_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow … There’s not many rules on Halloween, but there are a few, please try to follow them… Christ, speeding is EXPENSIVE in Europe

800- SAY WHAT Mario Williams?

815- TEXANS???

830- Rockets vs Pistons… Harden was really fantastic, and Delfino hit some great shots, but this team is going to NEED Lin to be much closer to the player he was in that stretch in NY, or have T-Jones/ D-Mont step up BIG, because they don’t have a ton of guys who are ready elsewhere…

845- Rockets and Pistons and Harden continued… And we’ve got to talk about the elephant in the room, the fact that people can’t see this team!

900- This Alabama could compete vs an NFL team has to stop… It simply, must stop…

900- ROCKETS vs Pistons… Lin? Harden? Asik?

915- STRAW POLL… What head coach is the first to go?… Texans bring back Grimes Health of Tate?…

930- TEXANS AUDIO… Rick Dennison on Mario… Kubiak on Mario… Brown on Mario… Schaub on Mario… JJ Watt on SI Cover… Barwin on keeping the sacks coming… Manning on the Bills potential

945- The Steelers wouldn’t trade for a back, would they?


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