600- The NBA started last night! And it really gets going today… NBA predictions, in general… I got Heat over Lakers, ok, well EVERYONE is going to have Heat vs Lakers or Heat vs Thunder… Non-Rockets NBA preseason TOP thoughts or predictions or questions, etc…


630- Top 3

645- RE-DO Your Playoff Predictions! Before the season, I had Texans, Patriots, Broncos, Ravens, Chargers Jets… Lopez had Texans, Patriots, Broncos, Ravens, Steelers, Colts? I’m not sure… In the NFC I had Eagles, Giants, Bears, Packers, Saints, Seahawks (AHHH!) and I have no clue what John had….

700- Rockets season starts today! Who’s excited? I’m excited. Harden’s gotten me completely on board… Don’t like Asik, unsure on Lin, but very excited for Harden and Jones and a few others… I’m upping my win prediction drastically…

-Also, I kept qualifying it yesterday… Right now today, how many players in the league are better than James Harden? Because I think he’s a Top 15 player (like 13, 14 or 15) but still, Top 15.

Guys Better or Possibly Better than James Harden: LeBron, Durant, Kobe, Howard, Rose, Westbrook, Carmelo, Wade, Bosh, CP3, Love, Griffin, Irving, D Will, Aldridge, Parker, Ginobili, Bynum, Monroe, Dirk, Cousins, Josh Smith, Hibbert

715- Power Rankings!


1- Texans LOPEZ 2 WRIGHT 1 STRAW 1 AVG- 1.3

2- Falcons LOPEZ 1 WRIGHT 3 STRAW 2 AVG- 2

3- 49ers LOPEZ 4 WRIGHT 2 STRAW 3 AVG- 3

4- Giants LOPEZ 3 WRIGHT 5 STRAW 4 AVG- 4

5- Broncos LOPEZ 6 WRIGHT 4 STRAW 6 AVG- 5.3

6- Bears LOPEZ 5 WRIGHT 9 STRAW 5 AVG- 6.3

7- Packers LOPEZ 7 WRIGHT 6 STRAW 8 AVG- 7

8- Patriots LOPEZ 8 WRIGHT 7 STRAW 7 AVG- 7.3

9- Steelers LOPEZ 10 WRIGHT 8 STRAW 9 AVG- 9

10- Ravens LOPEZ 8 WRIGHT 10 STRAW 10 AVG- 9.3

730-900: John McClain*

– John wrote about what we had been talking about in regards to the Texans road to the playoffs and the 1 seed http://blog.chron.com/ultimatetexans/2012/10/texans%E2%80%99-path-to-the-playoffs-taking-shape/ Let’s discuss

-McClain gave out Texans midseason awards! http://blog.chron.com/ultimatetexans/2012/10/texans-at-the-break-midseason-awards/ I think the offensive MVP is an interesting one…

-John started following me on Twitter! And he bought a bunch of shirts because he’s a saint.

-Ask McClain to redo his playoff picks like we did 2 hours ago! Speaking of the General’s picks… http://blog.chron.com/ultimatetexans/2012/10/mcclains-picks-for-week-8-will-atlanta-stay-unbeaten/

*No Huddle… The troll that lost his job and might lose more for messing with people during Sandy… Did McClain want to punch Shanahan for sending RGIII on that pass route?

900- Bills radio network talking Mario! And the game this weekend.

915- Straw Poll!… Ooooh, a good and juicy story on race! The Timberwolves are too white! Well, not for Minneapolis, Indianpolis or Utah.

930- NBA Predictions Redux from 6am… What odds would you have to get to take anything other than Heat vs Lakers or Thunder? … Also, whatever pertinent Texans audio we have from Before 830am from McClain

945- Shiner Whiner Line. Wingstop 2 Minute Drill… Also, …And a few thoughts on what the East Coast just went through, and how freaking awesome modern technology is


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