600- No excuse to lose to the Ravens this week… And if you care about national perception, you BETTER not lose this game…


630- TOP 3… Have you seen these Jeremy Lin tickets? Dude, dude, dude…

645- Beyonce to perform at the Super Bowl this year… Houston in the running for the Super Bowl in 2017, SB LI, Super Bowl and Houston… Super Bowl 51 might be coming here… Do you want it?

700- What’s been the most surprising developments of this NFL season so far? What has gone exactly how you thought it would?

715- NFL Power Rankings

730- John McClain… What’s wrong with Connor Barwin? Should we expect to see more from Whitney Mercilus down the stretch?

745- HornSolutions.net NO HUDDLE with John McClain

800- John McClain… What do we make of Arian’s significant lack of production on a per carry basis? We talked about the right side of the offensive line and the lack of WR threats all offseason, and is that what’s hurting this team right now?

815- John McClain… Let’s look ahead to the Ravens… Is this a “must win” for a Super Bowl contender? Probably not. But If they don’t win, then they will be pretenders in my book until proven otherwise…

-Those Ravens injuries are just DEVASTATING to the team long term…

830- John McClain… sticking with the Ravens, how much of an impact does Suggs potentially have? If the Texans can run at all, they should be able to run in this game…

845- John McClain… The AFC… yuck. The NFC, my goodness… And we will let John wax poetic about RGIII

900- Let’s revisit our UT and Mack Brown discussion from yesterday… Also, does Lopez REALLY have Johnny Manziel 1 st in his Heisman hierarchy?


930- Jeff Passan on the MLB Postseason…


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