amr dre ladon2 The Inspiration For AMRs Dream To Be A Rapper

AMR and Houston rapper Dre LaDon

If a person were to just make a few assumptions about me based on how I look, they might first think that I’m a nerd – maybe a librarian – and that I’m probably only capable of talking about purses and shoes. And while I rarely talk about them and know very little about either of those things, I’m definitely a nerd.

But you’ll never guess what tops this nerd’s bucket list. Being in a rap video is listed No. 1 on my list. True story. I’ve actually typed this list up.

Well, today Houston rapper Dre LaDon’s people were up at SportsRadio 610 studios to shoot a video for his Texans rap. I was given two lines to memorize and will be featured in the video. My lines mentioned something about throwing H’s up for the Texans or something. I nailed it, and now I feel inspired to add to this growing list of things I want to do.

I want to be a rapper – but only a few lines at a time.

Now on to No. 2 of my bucket list – I need to go swim with some dolphins.

And here’s the real inspiration for my dream to be a rapper.

Enjoy. 🙂


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