600- Adios Trendon, hello Barrett… Lopez called it!


630- Top 3…

645- Elias Sports Bureau does something no offensive line has been able to do… They stole a sack from JJ Watt!

700- Texans Audio… Best cuts from Matt, Andre, JJ Ruud, Barwin and Dobbins

715- Straw Man on Campus!

730- Doc Kenneth R First

745- No Huddle… Khalil injury… Stan Van Gundy just fired nukes at ESPN http://www.thebiglead.com/index.php/2012/10/10/stan-van-gundy-on-nba-countdown-espn-is-lying-thats-a-bunch-of-bs-from-espn/ … Charlie Weiss is just the worst…

800-900- Ted Johnson

Ted’s thoughts below…

1. Should guys like Scott Pioli/Jeff Ireland lighten up and start engaging with the media more? By not talking are you isolating your team from the fans? Do players/coaches see fb as entertainment (refer to Jason Cole’s article on Yahoo). Is the Parcell’s philosophy of being seen and not heard a good one for GM’s?

2. Cam Newton has “outside” interests that some say could be a distraction for him. Some guys can balance both but most can’t. I aways thought it was the fringe guys or back-up guys or ST’s guys who could do a lot of that stuff. Case in point….the punter for Minnesota can be in a band and blog in his free time bc well…he’s a punter. Also…the NFL has a program where they will pay a player every year he is in the league 15k a year for college tuition. You know how much each team budgets a year for that program????

3. I just saw the Mike Ditka’s son has just been arrested with possession of a controlled substance and aggravated DUI (he has two sons who both have been arrested multiple times for DUI). Andy Reeds son overdosed earlier this year. This past week Greg Schiano’s son was suspended from playing fb because of verbally abusing a ref. I know a very high profile coach who’s had both of his son’s kicked out of private school for marijuana. Is the price too much to pay to be a HC in this league? Does anybody really care?

4. Top 10 things the Texans have to do to win (in order of importance): Stop Clay Mathews Abuse their OT’s (RT Bryan Bulaga and LT Marshall Newhouse) Contain there most dynamic player Randall Cobb (PR/KOR/RB/WR) Don’t let this be Alex Green’s coming out party Wear down their fat O-line with the running game Beat Cov 1(m/m with 5 guys rushing) on 3rd down DO NOT let them “catch-n-run you to death(this could be higher) Don’t let A.R beat you with his feet Protect against the Corner/Safety blitz (on all downs) A trend is starting….watch GB to mix in ‘no huddle’. Especially is they fall behind early

5. Shout outs to James Casey/Owen Daniels. Between them they have 39 rec/446 yrds/4 TD

6. We done with Bounty Gate or do we want to discuss it?

7. Impact of losing Brian Cushing. I have ended two guys careers (both were my teammates ironically) from hits I gave. I caused a guy to tear his ACL in training camp once. I was so sick about it bc I thought maybe it was an illegal hit. I grabbed my coach right after practice to review the tape to see if it was. Pt is…once I saw it was a legal hit I immediately felt a little bit better about it.

900- How the hell are the Texans only a 3.5 pt favorite??? Compare that to the lines for The 49ers and the Falcons….

915- Straw Poll… Tell me how you REALLY feel, Cush. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/10/10/cushing-says-texans-will-win-super-bowl-without-him/

930- Goodbye Trindon, hello Barrett Ruud… And the NCAA analogy that bothers me.

945- Deadspin gives JJ Watt some deserved shine with an interesting breakdown of the tape


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