600- JJ Watt… Lets stop putting qualifiers on it… The best player in the NFL, through a third of the season, is right here in Houston. Here’s some more context… https://twitter.com/getnickwright/status/255825230491185153

615- Headlines!

630- Top 3…

645- ITL Power Rankings 1- Texans 2- 49ers 3- Falcons 4- Ravens 5- Patriots 6- Chicago 7- Giants 8- Vikings 9- Steelers 10- Philly

32- Browns 31- Titans 30- Jags 29- Chiefs 28- Raiders

700- College Football! A&M vs Ols Miss… west Va takes control of the Big 12?

715- College Football continued… South Carlina beats down Georgia, Florida is evidently very legit… Also, lets spend a moment on Goodell reissuing the bounty discipline…

730- John McClain… How big is the Cushing loss in the General’s opinion? How can the team fill that void? How much does last year help the dealing ith this?

745- No Huddle!

800- John McClain… Andre Johnson, 9 catches in past 4 weeks. What’s going on? Also, does Jonathan Joseph need a week off? We can also talk some special teams here and how short is Trindon, and Marciano?, rope…

815- John McClain… Did the running game officially get back on track? Where is BenTate at right now? How much can Sharpton help? Should we expect him back?

830- John McClain… Why John Lopez is anti team pink! And why I think he is right…

845- John McClain..l Around the NFL… His power rankings vs ours… His thoughts on Luck now… That 4 week stretch to end the year…

900- Royce White… What the hell is going on here? How much responsibility does he have, how much do the rockets have? Is there any way this can work?

915- Straw Poll.

930- JJ Watt Redux


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