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nick lopez 180x50 feature He Said, She Said: Brooke Bentley and I argue ... inappropriate that I call her a, nagging hen?

By John P. Lopez

I’m having a lot of fun on the new Saturday evening SportsZone, with Brooke Bentley, on The Kube (Channel 57 most providers/Channel 653 on Comcast).

It’s all in fun — mostly — but we mix it up on the week’s biggest sports topics. Sometimes, we agree. Sometimes, we don’t. And, yeah, I’m not above pulling the totally chauvinistic stuff, too.

I’m thinking about calling her a nagging hen this week. Not sure if I’ll hear from Human Resources, but I figure it might get a good discussion going.

Topics for this Saturday will include what now seems to be a much more realistic thought: Is Matt Schaub elite? Or is the point moot until he does something in the post-season?

Also, we’ll dig into the Amazing Numbers Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel is putting up.

Plus, I realize this might be grossly insensitive to some, but throughout the month of October, we will be subjected to NFL players, coaches and officials wearing pink on their uniforms. It’s all for a great cause — breast cancer awareness. But an entire month? Why not do it all in one weekend and focus resources otherwise to other equally as important and statistically more deadly conditions — like prostate or colon cancer, heart conditions or child abuse. I feel there is a bit of pandering going on with the pink.

And of course we’ll have our Champs and Chumps of the week, as well as the, “Are you kidding me?” videos and sports news items of the week.

My Champs: Kareem Jackson … after two years of struggle and ridicule, the dude is coming around big-time. Also:

My Chumps: College football referees who A) missed a goal-line fumble that cost Oklahoma State the game against Texas and B) literally moved the football forward for an Alabama first-down after realizing the ball was short. Another Chump: Tony Romo, who sucks eggs.

And are you kidding me?

Mario Williams signed a record $100 million contract with the Buffalo Bills in the off-season and then promptly disappeared. In four games, he has nine tackles and 1.5 sacks.

Tim Tebow likely will be the Jets’ starting quarterback soon — if not Monday night against the Texans. You’re kidding, right?


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