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Roger Goodell’s fantasy world. Real talk with John McClain, and Hall of Famer Elvin Hayes

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136535896 Roger Goodells fantasy world. Real talk with John McClain, and Hall of Famer Elvin HayesWATCH: Texans Cheerleaders Take Ice Bucket Challenge

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615- The NFL’s official statement on the end of the Packers-Saints game… http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000066164/article/nfl-supports-decision-to-not-overturn-seahawks-touchdown They support the decision! The facts here are all that matters, and the facts are startling…

-The NFL’s “I’m Keith Hernandez” moment… Audio! http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=Lr0ggLKhH1I

630- Top 3…

700- Our Week 3 In the Loop top 10 and Bottom 5… Attached at the bottom…

715- Straw Man on Campus brought to you by Bud Light!

730- John McClain… Texans injuries that we still haven’t gotten to talk much about… And, of course, we can get back into the game from this past Sunday…

745- HornSolutions.net No Huddle with John McClain

800- John McClain… John’s thoughts on the fake refs… We revisit the NFL statement… And I want to know what John thinks Roger Goodell’s responsibility is as a “custodian” of the game.

815- John McClain… Fake refs continued… What would it take for John to consider this season “tainted”? Has that already happened? Or is that not something he’s concerned about at all?

-Also, as a coach/team how do you APPROACH the game differently with the scab refs? I mean, you’ve got to beat a team by 20 points to feel confident in the 4 th quarter… Texans actually have benefitted from their schedule on this point thus far (I’ll explain)…

830- John McClain… Let’s talk Titans… I think they’re just terrible. Can’t possibly see a way they give the Texans the game… Again, those numbers: Texans outscoring opponents 62-14 thru 2 quarters and 82-28 through 3 quarters… And they’re at home. Can’ see Jake Locker orchestrating a a 4 th quarter comeback in Reliant…

845- John McClain… Every week we talk about it, but JJ Watt, I mean, John you keep writing/tweeting about him because he keeps setting records, making plays, just being a beast.

-Other things around the NFL that have caught John’s eye around the NFL?

900- Hall of Famer… Elvin Hayes

915- Straw Poll brought to you by Comcast Sports Net…

930- Tell me what you KNOW about this NFL season…

945- Shiner Whiner Line… Wingstop 2 Minute Drill… Update on NFL refs story, as I’m sure there will be one by 10am…

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